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Terms and conditions Bencompare app

Terms and Conditions of Use of the Bencompare App

With the Bencompare app, you have access to a digital safe for your important documents, such as contracts. You can also acquire additional services through this app. The following terms and conditions apply when using the app. Read these terms and conditions carefully so that you know what your rights and obligations are. The app is offered to you by Benergy B.V. in Groningen, the Netherlands.


Some use of the app requires an account with which you manage data and documents. We ask that you keep this information up to date and complete so that we can offer you the best service. We cannot check what you fill in and accept, therefore we cannot accept liability in the event of errors or omissions.


Benergy does its utmost to keep your data as safe as possible and to give only you access to that data. In case of data leaks, we will of course inform you of that immediately.

Data storage

By means of the app, you have access to your data in principle at all times, although the service may be offline from time to time. We urgently advise you not to save data in the app only. Although we make backups, we cannot guarantee that data can be retrieved.


Benergy will not examine any data that you save by means of the app, unless it is legally required to do so. If, as a result of complaints, Benergy has the reasonable suspicion that you are saving documents and data that are in conflict with applicable law, we shall be entitled to block or delete this data. We will inform you about this.

Personal data

By means of the app, personal information about you will be saved and used. Read our separate privacy statement regarding what Benergy does with this information and what your legal rights are.


The app uses servers owned by Benergy. Benergy does its best to allow these to be available at all times over the Internet.


From time to time, Benergy can issue updates to the app. You will be informed of this by means of your device. It is important that you install updates to ensure the safety of the app.

New possibilities

Updates can provide the app with new functionality or improvements within the existing functionality. At times, new terms and conditions may apply. You can only use the new functionality if you accept these terms and conditions.

Limitation of liability

Considering the nature of the app, Benergy cannot accept liability for any damages. If this limitation is not legally valid in your jurisdiction, we are only liable for the minimum allowed under local law.

The terms and conditions may change

Benergy can amend these terms and conditions once per calendar year. You will be informed of this promptly. If you do not want to accept the new terms and conditions, you must delete the app before they take effect. Use after the date of entry into force will be considered to be acceptance.


The app is made available to you for an indefinite period. You can delete the app at any time. This will bring to an end your and our rights and duties with respect to each other. We can discontinue the app as long as we announce that fact a minimum of one month in advance.

Applicable law

This app is delivered from the Netherlands. Unless your local legislation provides otherwise, Dutch law therefore applies and the court for our location is competent in the event of disputes. Of course, we will try to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible.